This is “BRZRKR,” the comedian that Netflix will adapt to with main character Keanu Reeves.


A few days ago, we learned the exciting news. Netflix, in its eagerness to make a rift between comic book adaptations (Disney + has Marvel and HBO MAX has DC), has announced the development of a movie adaptation of BRZRKR. Actually, the vignettes I created Keanu Reeves They’ll jump to the small screen with a movie, how could it be otherwise, the actor himself will be the main protagonist.

Despite it being one of the great phenomena in the world of comics recently (more than 600,000 copies have been sold), the truth is that there are many people who are still unfamiliar with the most interesting story. So, today we wanted to get closer to BRZRKR, An address has to be known, because it will have to talk about your address.

The storyboard brings us closer to a half-man, half-god. Name of a warrior Bearserker Who has traveled around the world for thousands of years, he fought battles that no one else could. A path that led him to this day, as he works in the service of the United States government in developing the most dangerous missions.

Already, BRZRKR It’s really cool and just an idea Netflix Going to develop the movie seemed too appetizing to us.

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