National Pride: Mexico’s Daniel Delgadillo qualifies for the Tokyo Open Water Olympics

He will represent Mexico in the open waters (Photo: Konadi)

Mexico never stops accumulating places towards Tokyo Olympics 2020, which will be played at the end of July, and this time one of the most complex and competitive classes has achieved an important place.

It was about mexican Daniel Delgadillo, who secured a place in the open waters of the Tokyo Olympics, after being there Twelfth place for pre-Olympics held in Portugal, the National Sports Commission reported.

According to the Mexican Olympic Committee, Swimmer won place in Olympic marathon qualifiers, 10 km away in Setúbal, Portugal.

Daniel managed to get the last ticket, just like Hector Pardo and Tobias Robinson from Great Britain, Athanasius Kinigakis from Greece, Matan Roditi from Israel, Kay Graeme, Taishon Minamidi from Japan, Thiago Campos from Portugal, Kirill Abrosimov from Russia, David Farinango from Ecuador, Osama Mellouli from Tunisia, as well as Michael McGillin from South Africa.

In the last chance to secure qualification for the Olympics, Britain’s Hector Pardo won the gold medal ahead of Greece’s Kinigakis and teammate Tobias Robinson, who, despite finishing third in the standings, will not participate in the Olympics, the British Guardian reported. International Swimming Federation (FINA).

Mexican women's shooting team (Photo: Konadi)
Mexican women’s shooting team (Photo: Konadi)

Mexico achieved team status in archery. Likewise, he has been declared the champion of the World Ranking Championship, which takes place at Stade Sebastien Charletti, in Paris, France, reports National Sports Committee on social media.

shooters Alejandra Valencia Trujillo, Aida Nabila Roman Arroyo and Ana Paola Vazquez FloresThey became the personalities of the tricolor delegation by obtaining a team ticket for the Olympic Games.

The above-mentioned after defeating the Italian national team 5-1 in the semi-finals consisting of Tatiana Andreoli, Lucila Buari and Chiara Rebagliati, the result with which they agreed to the playoffs final.

In this case, the Mexicans had a difficult confrontation with the Americans Mackenzie Brown, Casey Cofold and Jennifer Mocinio, a duel that ended with a score of 5-3, as And the Mexican women won the title of champion of the competition, which is being held in the French capital.

In addition to Mexico, USA and Italy They got Direct entry to the Summer Fair which will be held from July 23 to August 8 in Tokyo, Japan, And that it has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bruce Arianes (pictured) said he did not feel the need to bring the team to a specialist to talk to his players about a Covid-19 vaccine after some players expressed doubts about the need to receive it.  EFE / EPA / ERIK S. LESSER / Archive
Bruce Arianes (pictured) said he did not feel the need to bring the team to a specialist to talk to his players about a Covid-19 vaccine after some players expressed doubts about the need to receive it. EFE / EPA / ERIK S. LESSER / Archive

The dream is over for the men’s and women’s 7th National Rugby teams, because then You play seven matches in the group stage, three and four matches in a row, they finished their participation in the Olympic qualifiers.

The men’s team was present in the first group, consisting of five teams, but did not achieve victory. On his debut, last Friday, and with his starting box of A.Alejandro Chavez, Roberto Calderon, Gonzalo Ponce, Nicolas Falcone, Patricio Falcon, Franco Guerrero and Fred Samano, fell 21-0 to Zimbabwe.

However, the snakes could not defend themselves and on Saturday, Overtaken by Samoa With a score of 69-5 by Ireland with a 31-0 score and finally via Tonga 21-12, to finish in the last place of their group that kept the European team in the lead.

On the other hand, the 7 women’s team is in Group A with three other teams, He made his Olympic qualifying debut on Saturday with a loss in front of something like Argentina With a score of 36-0 and then fell before Russia By 55-0.

Sunday, his performance in Monaco, concluded with his last match against Samoa 17-20, a result that left him in the last place of his group, while Russia He put himself on his head.

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