Ecuador, uncomfortable rivals of Peru in their last confrontations in the Copa America


Ecuador In recent years it has become an uncomfortable competitor to Peru in America’s CupThe Inca team could not beat their Ecuadorean counterpart the last three times they saw each other in the tournament.

Ecuador and Peru have faced each other so far Twelve times in Copa America, with eight victories for Blanciroga, three draws and a victory for the tricolor.

The last three had ended in two draws, with Ecuador winning, as well as Peru He does not hit his neighbor Del Norte in the South American National Team Championship Since 1963.

In 1987, the two teams tied with one goal in the group stage, in a match in which Ecuador advanced with one goal Hamilton Coffee And Peru returned in the last minutes with a goal from Eugenio La Rosa.

It wasn’t even 1995 When Tricolor achieved their first victory From their history in Peru in the Copa America by winning 1-2 also in the group stage.

At that meeting, which was held in the Uruguayan city of Rivera, the Ecuadoreans’ goal was responsible for the match Energio Diaz and Jose Moura, while in the last minutes the advantage narrowed with an own goal Evan Hurtado.

The last precedent between the two teams in the Copa America dates back to 2016, with a two-goal draw where the Peruvians stood. up to 0-2 with a lot of Christian Cueva and Edison FloresThe Ecuadoreans, however, equalized by Inner Valencia and Miller Bolaños.

In addition to their duels in the Copa America, they are new qualifiers matches, Peru claimed two consecutive 1-2 victories in Quito, the last of which was two weeks ago with goals from Christian Cueva and Luis Advincula.

In 2017, the Peruvians also got the same score at Atahualpa Stadium in the Ecuadorean capital thanks to their goalscoring record. Edison Flores and Paulo Hurtado, in an important match on the way back to La Blanqueroga to play the World Cup after 36 years.

Since then, the two teams have also met in friendly matches that ended in The victories of the Ecuadorean national team.

In November 2018, after a dispute in Peru over World Cup in Russia, the franjirrojo box fell 0-2 in Lima with a double from Iner Valencia.

Less than a year later, in September 2019, Ecuador once again beat Peru 0-1 with a lone goal from Eric Castillo in a match played in New Jersey (United State).

To this new meeting, Peru arrived after achieving an important victory over Colombia (1-2), while Ecuador came at the bottom of the list group b And he needs to win after he escaped him in the last minute against Venezuela.

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