Netflix cancels ‘Buyer’s Legacy’ reporter


Bad news for fans of the “Jupiter’s Legacy” heroes, which is that Netflix and concept creator Mark Millar, It won’t last with season 2., although the consolation is that based on this universe of fictional characters, there will be a series of “Supercrooks” villains.

It was Millar himself in social networks who was responsible for conveying the bad news to his fans, stating that he and the platform could not agree on the direction the series would take. For this reason, Netflix decided to release the contracts of the series’ protagonists, including Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb and Ben Daniels.

Mark Millar doesn’t close the door to continuing the “Jupiter Legacy” plot, though he warns that if it does, It will be with another team and not as a short series.

In the comics, “Supercrooks” are a group of super-villains who, tired of losing to heroes in the United States, decide to emigrate to another continent without the presence of the heroes of justice: Europe, where they unleash their misdeeds.

Millar himself defined this sitcom as a mix of “Ocean’s Eleven” and “X-Men,” among others.


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