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On August 15, a Mexican National Film Day, but Netflix It was before the festivities. The platform shared through its social networks a challenge in which it offers its subscribers to watch an updated film made in our country.

“We started with 31 days and 31 Mexican stories for all tastes,” the platform shared in a tweet, featuring a calendar with some headlines like I’m not here anymoreAnd common timeAnd ChiquarotsAnd All the freckles in the world And insomnia club for your first week.

Director titles such as Manolo Caro appear in the recommendations. Totally strangers And The immoral life of the ideal partner; Luis Estrada with Hell And perfect dictatorship Or Carlos Carrera with Father Amaro’s crime and animation Anna and Bruno.

tell me how much youAnd dance 41And RomeAnd midnight familyAnd rude and vulgarAnd bayonet And Fourth company Here are some of the suggestions that Netflix included in the challenge.

This proposal is part of the campaign seen that MexicoWhich is enhanced by a video narrated by Alfonso Herrera inviting you to learn about patriotic stories on screen.

“Cinema has always accompanied Mexico, telling our past, our present and our future. Celebrating our riches, our passions and our identity. (…) There is nothing better than seeing yourself reflected on the screen as you really are. That’s why we celebrate Mexican cinema “, said the actor in the video.

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The Mexican National Film Day It began in 2017 after the Senate of the Republic agreed to recognize the cultural contributions of national cinema on this date.

Parallel to the podium, government institutions headed by the Ministry of Culture will begin celebrations for the National Day of Mexican Cinema from August 15. The festivities will continue until September 19, when there will be face-to-face film screenings across the country, broadcast on Open TV and stage shows. movie: latino.

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