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for several years She has been considered one of the most prominent mixed martial arts players in the world and her great talent has helped her to achieve important titles in the UFC. His story can now be seen in the movie “Bruised” or also known as “Wound”, in which Hollywood actress, Halle Berry stars.

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Known as the owner UFC Flyweight ChampionshipAnd And She also competed in the Women’s Grand Prix in China and in the Action kickboxing league where she was the winner.

But it didn’t just stand out martial artsWell, he also has knowledge of moai Thai Get the championship for this specialty for five years and kickboxing Winning the world title twice.

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Valentina Shevchenko retained her UFC title for the sixth time in a row. (Photo: UFC)

From 2003 to 2015, he achieved various championships and honors in kickboxing, then in the same year he was part of the bantam weight class. UFC.

And if that wasn’t enough, He also holds a BA in Film Directing. In 2019, filming beganbruising“.

For her part, Halle Berry was considered one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood in the 2000s, and she has acted in many action, comedy and suspense films. In addition, she is a Revlon model. Before becoming an actress, she participated in several beauty pageants, and was ranked second in the Miss America pageant and ranked sixth in the Miss World pageant in 1986.

Halle Berry
Halle Berry is ‘excited’ to release her first film as a director. (Photo: AFP)

Valentina Shevchenko and the bone that broke Halle Berry

UFC Women’s Champion, He was also able to show his talent in the seventh art, and he did so during the film’s recordings.bruisingdirected by the Hollywood star, Halle Berry And the shooting partner of the athlete.

To make the movie scenes more realistic.injuryThe American actress knew what it meant to cut weight and even the hits were real. All this made the aforementioned production fall into the top spots of the broadcast platform. Netflix.

His main idea of ​​the fight scenes was that they had to be real. Fighting As Real As Possible (…) Sometimes, when we were training, she would say to me, “Valentina, you have to hit me so hard,” and I would reply, “Halley, I’m not sure.” She insisted, “You have to hit me, I should feel it,” and I told her I would do my best.“, He expressed .

Valentina Shevchenko stars alongside Halle Berry in Bruised.
Valentina Shevchenko stars alongside Halle Berry in Bruised.

The realism in the fight scenes resulted in several bruises and broken bones, and the actress suffered the most. Halle Berry. for this reason Recordings for the film were interrupted on some occasions due to the injuries he sustained.

I broke some bones. When you do not use doubles you are vulnerable to injury. I was fighting a real UFC flyweight champ, Valentina Shevchenko, and she had to beat me for real. I had to put them in place and one of them broke a bone,” .

Perry noticed that he didn’t know when this happened and only realized when he stood up and.

The movie “stacked”

In the movie you can see the actress Halle Berry who plays Jackie Justice, a former UFC fighter who after a long time decided to return to the fighting cage. On a personal level, he tries to solve various difficult problems in his life.

for this part, She plays Lucia Chavez aka “Lady Killer” who will be the main rival of Jackie Justice.

Halle Berry happy to work with Valentina Shevchenko

Swipes and broken bones weren’t excuses to end the production or the actress Halley Berry She will look for a husband to replace her, because the Hollywood star herself has already realized her happiness with the presence of the film hero as a partner in the shooting. UFC.

She’s a beast, but she couldn’t have had a better teacher. Show me the truth. Sometimes he felt like he was really fighting herPerry says.

As part of the film, Shevchenko and Perry each had to train five hours a day for two months, and also shared muay thai techniques, jiu-jitsu, boxing, and martial arts, among other things.

Who is Valentina Shevchenko?

Valentina Anatolyevna Shevchenko was born in the city of Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) on March 7, 1988.

Since she was young, she had a great inclination to practice martial arts, and so at the age of five she was enrolled in a taekwondo school. Then at the age of twelve he practiced Muay Thai and anything goes. But at the age of 15 he made his debut in mixed martial arts.

During his time in the UFC among the 13 most important fights in the world, he had only two defeats. He also won eight matches and defended the title five times.

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Valentina Shevchenko is one of the leading representatives of the UFC.
Valentina Shevchenko is one of the leading representatives of the UFC.

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