Netflix cuts a scene for Stranger Things – Rock & Pop

Netflix cuts a scene for Stranger Things – Rock & Pop

After three years without issuance, Weird things Returned with season 4 to Netflix streaming platformBreaking records for the public 9 chapters with intense and dark scenes. However, it has just been revealed that the service has decided to protect the reputation of one of its main characters, Controversial sequence cut.

Why was this scene cut from the first season of Weird things?

The Duffer Brothers, who are the creators of the series, said they did Make some adjustmentss in previous seasons. In fact, they should have apologized and confirmed that they would change Will Byers’ date of birth From March 22 to May 22.

This is after they made a mistake Forget about it this new season. However, they have now made another change Which will definitely give something to talk about.

As mentioned spoilersin episode 2 of season 1, Will Byers has been kidnapped by a Demogorgon and take him to Upside down. What leads you to Social circle to look for.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Byers, his brother, He goes to the forest with a camera And he comes across a private party. This is in Steve Harrington’s house, Where was Nancy Wheeler, too.

In one scene, I went to Steve Harrington’s room and take off his clothes While Jonathan Byers Image.

After the history went viral on TikTok, you can see that Scene Weird things been cut. Since we’re at Netflix jumping at that moment, We see Nancy Wheeler undressing, But then Jonathan Byers Capture the camera without taking pictures.

In fact, in another scene in the next chapter, you can see a file Picture of the young woman without her dress. For what really happened in history as it was recorded but It is no longer in production.

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