Netflix is ​​proud of the first trailer for the biographical series ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’

Netflix is ​​proud of the first trailer for the biographical series ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’

Netflix has released the first preview of its series on the life of Vicente Fernández, featuring the same “Charro de Huentitán” presenting the production.

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In the video, Chente appears in the frame saying, “My story, my songs, my feelings and how much I love them, very soon on Netflix,” interspersed with some shots of Jaime Camil – who will play the singer – in a charo suit and on horseback.

A series called King Vicente Fernandez It will depict the life of a Mexican music icon, with TV production of Caracol and will be the official version of Fernandez’s life, in contrast to the lively TelevisaUnivision series, which generated a lot of politics due to the discomfort it caused among the artist’s family.

Last month, Televisa successfully premiered its series in Mexico and two weeks ago Univision premiered it in the United States. This production is based on the book the last kingan unauthorized biography written by Argentinian Olga Wernat, and stars Pablo Monteiro.

The singer’s widow, Coquita Abarca, revealed that Televisa had long asked Vicente to give her the rights to produce a series for free, but he wouldn’t allow it, which is why he considered the series titled The last king: the son of the people Take advantage of the singer’s image and that’s what he claimed.

“Neither me nor my children want a penny from Televisa, that’s clear to them. It’s a matter of dignity. Don’t come to me with your story as a homage, with all due respect to Vicente. It’s for the money, steal his picture,” said the widow.

The Netflix production, in addition to Jaime Camil, will feature performances by Sebastián Dante, Sebastián García, Kaled Acab, Marcela Guirado and Regina Pavón.

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