Netflix My Window Will Be Released In February 2022


welcome everybody! Waiting for updates with My Window Netflix Movie? Know everything with us. By My Window is a Spanish movie from Netflix. The updates were announced at the Netflix Tudum event, which included an announcement of the release date.

Through My Window, or Through My Window, is a Spanish version of the teenage novel by Venezuelan novelist Ariana Godoy. Watt-pad, a popular reading platform, was used to create the novel.

Eric Masip, Guillermo Lacheras, Luca de la Puerta, Natalia Azahara, Maria Casals, and Emilia Lazo appeared in the adaptive film, which was produced by Adrián Guerra and Nerea Valls. The general plot of the movie is really interesting. Let’s know more about this

Update our release date

Netflix announced the release date with a great date teaser, as we mentioned above. The movie will be shown in February 2022. Although it was a long wait, it was well worth it. Netflix Spain is the party behind this production that brings you hit Netflix shows, including Money Heist and Elite.

Through my window summary and announcing the appointment announcement.

The story revolves around a woman who falls madly in love with her mysterious neighbor and decides to convince him to fall in love with her. Raquel may not be the only one with stalker tendencies, as seen in the clip. While pretending to be asleep, Ares sneaks through the window to reveal the password to her new laptop. Galle, the newcomer, plays Raquel.

For a look at what’s coming next, check out the history preview below.

This trailer clearly shows just how amazing the movie is, focusing on the next twists and turns.

Once the release date and trailer are determined, we’ll update you. Until then, stay safe and enjoy other movies on Netflix.

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