Squid: Netflix publishes behind the scenes

Netflix shared how The Squid Game scenes were filmed. Photo: AFP.

After the success of the South Korean series, squid gameNetflix Millions of his followers shared how some of the shooting scenes were filmed.

via Twittergiant entertainment streaming Share behind the scenes It’s one minute long, and it shows, without special effects, how each of the games in the popular series was made.

employment squid game which tells the story of 456 people who participated in a fatal contest, apparently high-risk scenes were recorded; However, the behind the scenes Reveals the secrets that exist when recording photography.

“The Squid Game” will have a second season

The the second season From the series confirmed, so confirmed Hwang Dong Hyukseries creator Netflix.

“There was a lot of pressure, a lot of demand and a lot of love for season two. So I feel like we have no other choice left! But it will be there, it’s in my head right now.”

I acknowledge.

Hwang Confirm this information in the screening and question-and-answer session at Los Angeles, California, United States. He also said that it’s too early to give specific details about the second part of this huge success and that’s why Netflix No official statements were issued.

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