NETFLIX: On NBA All-Star Game Day, we recommend 5 BASKETBALL DOCUMENTS


it’s a Sunday, March 7 Will be implemented US NBA All-Star Game, at State Farm Arena in Atlanta. In addition, the legendary Dunk competition Fans of this sport would love a lot. This is why, because it will be filled with painful emotions, we want that 5 documentaries recommended What do you find in it? Netflix.

Whether you enjoy it before or after the match, when you are full of excitement for magic on the field, the truth is that you are encouraged to enjoy Netflix and learn more about the excellent stories about the sport.

Ve a Michael Jordan y Chicago Bulls en The Last Dance

Ten episodes of The last danceReleased in April 2020, it is an excellent choice for a Sunday afternoon. It was precisely this documentary series that reached the beginning of the epidemic and was a sensation around the world, and it narrates the moment that Chicago Bulls She went through an institutional crisis, with various actors making decisions, but always with Michael Jordan As the main solution.

As seen in the documentary, Michael Jordan’s character is clearly followed in all aspects of his sporting and personal life and as a media worker for a sport he dominated during the 1990s. Scotty Pippen, Dennis RodmanAnd the Steve Kerr And the company as well as personalities of a stature Larry Bird, Isaiah Thomas, and the late Kobe BryantEven the former president Barak Obama, Appear in this.

Enjoy the character in The Carter Effect

The NBA had a little post Michael Jordan where it appeared almost instantly Vince Carter, Who has brought a dose of freshness and strength to a sport that is losing its bigger personality. His charisma, his victory in a dunk competition and a certain gameplay gave Carter the status of a new sporting and commercial phenomenon.

This documentary is an excellent choice to learn more about Vince’s musical tastes or the opinion of modern players. Enjoy the player who grew up with him Raptors de Toronto.

Arizona Navajos in Basketball or Nothing

The life of Navagos in Arizona is shown in this documentary, which is relegated to protected areas and takes place today in the midst of misery. Here, the documentary series features the Chinle School basketball team working on winning a championship.

The way it is narrated is strange, perhaps with less production than other documentaries, but in essence, I have to say that it attracts from the very first moment. Six episodes of 30 minutes each, give you an example of how to live the sport in a precarious situation.

Social movements in # RUCKER50

# Rucker50 gives us a celebration of the links established between basketball and the social movements of the 1960s, all through a tournament that has lasted more than 50 years of its existence that justifies the city of Harlem, New York and shows the heart of the African American movement, which is the foundation of the NBA.

Basketball from prison in Q-Ball

Shown here is the California state prison, which dates back more than 150 years and now provides space for a basketball team made up of inmates working to find their best level for the annual behind-the-bars match against the team. Coach of the Golden State Warriors.


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