Joya Awards 2021. I am no longer here, losing with the oblivion that we will be


35th Joya Awards delivery Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Spain recognized the best Spanish and foreign cinema as the Mexican film was distributed Netflix, I am not here anymoreBy director Fernando Frias it was nominated for Best Ibero American Film. But the Colombian Forgetfulness that we will be on From Fernando Truppa got the recognition.

Based on the original novel of the same name with a pen Hector Abad Facilities, Forgetfulness that we will be on Colombian film directed by Fernando Trouba and starring Javier roomAida Morales, Patricia Tamayo and Juan Pablo Origo.

Unlike other deliveries, this version of the Joya Awards had a hybrid format, between virtual and face-to-face, with a large portion of directors, actors and invited guests. They lived the party from their homes, connected via video.

“I’m not here anymore,” by Fernando Frias

Mexican movie I am not here anymore Bill The story of Ulysses (Juan Daniel Garcia), 17-year-old Who is part of urban expressions, enjoys various types of Cumbia with his friends, and lives in a slum in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León.

However, he is in the wrong place after a clash between gangs, where he was threatened with death by a man he knew You have to drop everything in order to illegally cross into the United States.

Cast is made of Juan Daniel GarciaAngelina Chen, Jonathan Espinosa, Coral Puente, Tania Alvarado, Fanny Tovar, Luis Leonardo Zapata, Yahir Alday, Leonardo Garza, Yocelin Coronado, Dianiera Coronado Bass Directed by Fernando Frias, and scripted by Director.

How do you see “I’m not here anymore”?

You can watch the movie from the platform flow Netflix With any of your subscription plans. It lasts 1 hour 52 minutes and is recommended For an adult audience, over the age of 17 due to inappropriate language and tobacco use.

Road to the Oscars

In addition to the already received nominations and awards for Fernando Frias, the Mexican film is expected to be nominated by the American Academy in Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film. An important step was getting Ariel Award for Best Film, among other awards.


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