Netflix releases movie about the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup


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Netflix is ​​preparing a movie about the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup Which the United States team won. The digital platform reported Tuesday that it has bought the rights to edit the book “The Summer Girls: The American Women’s Soccer Team and How to Change the World” by Jerry Longman.

The 1999 World Cup was held in the United States, with the hosts defeating China on penalties in the final match.

Tendo Nagenda, Vice President of the Netflix Film Group, explained in a long post on the blog of the streaming giant the reasons why this victory is so relevant to him and in general.

“When I moved to Uganda as a teenager, playing football was an important way to meet people my age, even if our balls were made from dried banana leaves. Seeing Team USA that summer made me forget that I had no money And just something more than a dream to feed me That team, that goal and this unforgettable celebration of Brandy ChastainIn which she took off her shirt and kneeled in amazement, he made me believe that I could do anything on my way. “

Nagenda argued that the victory of the United States had consequences beyond the playing field.

Led to more funding and recognition of female footballers in the world, and She helped create the first women’s professional football league in North America. But above all, this has sparked important discussions about gender in sport. “

The United States is considered a superpower in women’s football competitions, since it won four titles, It is the country with the most number of World Cup wins.

The most recent of these events happened last year when the team led by Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan beat the Netherlands.

Members of the US National Team also became an icon of the feminist struggle by claiming equality with the US men’s soccer team.

However, their claims suffered a major setback recently when a judge rejected their claims The Football Association owes the United States to match their salaries with those of menA team that, apart from the women’s successes, charges more than the women’s team despite not even qualifying for the final edition of the Men’s World Cup.


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