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They are lonely creatures, with lost directions, during a night of mutual frustration and demons, leaving the field open for them to have an amazing sexual encounter with eternal love swearing on each other – as it usually does in these cases -, but the movie continues and must end.

Porto (2016) – which will be shown on TV – is a co-production between Portugal, France, Poland and the United States with natural settings in the city of Porto, where these two beings meet, somewhat strange, and have a magical connection, that is, a film that will try to reconstruct to explain the unexpected. This is Gabe Klinger’s first film, a Brazilian film critic and writer who has been backed in co-production by Jim Jarmusch, as a guarantee of his artistic support.

Embodied by the beautiful French actress and model Lucy Lucas, here as a mother to her thirty-year-old daughter, she feels so insecure that she will at one point claim that she was crazy, and he is Anton Yelchin, the symbol of American independent cinema, in the skin of a man younger than her, living a life on the road in A city that does not belong to her, but rather loves it. Anton Yelchin, in his latest movie, shortly after filming PortoHe died in a car accident.

Also screenwriter Gabi Klinger, combines his narration in three perfectly visually defined moments as he uses different formats to reconstruct, in time and space, the mysteries of that love that will end up taking one of the heroes into the valley. The story was sparked by sensuality and sadness, and it is a fine poet in which the Portuguese city of Porto contributes a lot, and which will refer us to films such as Another Tango in Paris, And Bertolucci classic and triple Jesse CelineWritten by Richard Linkler, who appears on TV. Movie Porto, Who barely exceeds an hour and 20 minutes and leaves with desires, not only to continue watching, but to continue knowledge, especially the silent character played by Yelchin, an intense overnight lover who, according to his words, never liked.

The film was shot with surprising technical perfection because it is the first film by a director from so-called independent cinema and is supported by a suggestive image to present the emotional state of the heroes and their environment. An impressive film, so it must be remembered that the erotic motifs, to be valid, must find a basis in the artistic structure of the work, and that is it.

But could a more dazzling erotic night set the stage for a long love story? This is the thesis Porto, And it is designed for the viewer to contribute alone.

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