He broke the Guinness world record by watching the movie 191 times and ended up losing 8 kilograms.


It’s not uncommon for cinemas to be filled with Marvel premieres. However, some don’t know much to go exclusively on one occasion for the premiere of the series that Disney got a few years back. This is the case of Ramiro Alanis, a Marvel fan who lives in Florida (USA), who has watched 191 times “Avengers: Endgame”.

This “feat” was collected by Men’s health, Alanis broke a Guinness record, combining her passion for superhero movies with Desire to go beyond the previous mark. To do this, the young man went on weekends and on other days to watch the battles between the Avengers and Thanos on the cinema screen.

“I bought tickets to see the movie five times in the weekend before it opened,” says Alanis. This allowed him not to miss any details from the tape, It became a real challengeHe added, “After seeing how the” Endgame “game broke all records and made history, I decided to do it as well.”

Goodbye to social life

As evidence of this feat, Alanis has attached a series From photos from their social networks, Where it displays all tickets purchased. Additionally, once the film was over, he proceeded to take a picture with the cinema staff. Through this work, he hopes to show him the importance of feature films in this franchise to him: “The films teach us deep messages about life, culture and society.”

On the other hand, Ramiro Alanis had to sacrifice a little to achieve his goal: “The hardest thing was to leave my social life aside, to leave the gym. (I lost nearly 8 kilograms of muscle)And I manage my work schedule so I can watch the movie as many times as possible. ”The young man, a construction supervisor at a family business, had been watching the tape for the equivalent of 40 full working days.

Breaking that record does not mean an endpoint in movie views. In fact, Alanis wants to continue: “It might get 200 times, but you never know.” That is, now it has a new purpose: to have enough visibility to make a cameo in a Marvel movie.

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