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Suspense, drama and a little bit of animation are all part of the production show that Netflix has to see this weekend. Some run away from their comfort zone and want to surprise their fans.

The appearance of things

Marriages in crisis are fertile ground for a psychological drama or horror story. And if you add to that a strange or somewhat terrifying house, the result is this movie in which the couple finds out. There is something sinister That surrounds them and affects a new cycle in their lives.

The film is directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Bolshini, who have worked on series such as Succession And Cinema Verité, featuring shows from before Amanda Y Chris Norton-.

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Luis Miguel: Series (season 2)

You can actually watch episodes of this production based on the life of the Mexican singer. Once again, Diego Bonita enters the famous ‘Sol de México’ leather, delving into some of the mysteries, struggles and triumphs of the artist’s fame and family history. On April 25 it opens on the platform The second episode of the series, starting at 7 pm every Sunday, you can watch a new chapter.


Followers of Turkish series may be pleasantly surprised by this production that is closer to the police plot than to the melodrama with which many people get acquainted with the series from that country. Everything here is about a woman who cleans houses and ends up being involved in a murder. Everything gets complicated and she has a drastic and violent change.

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From the yakuza to the head of the family

IHumor and the Mafia meet in this production.

Animated series Japanese seize on humor to tell the mafia boss’ life change. Tatsuo was the strong and terrifying boss of the Organized crime He ends up becoming a dedicated family and home dad.

You will soon discover that what appears to be a simple matter is actually a daily battle and not an easy one. This five-episode anime offers fun insight into this process of change.

The Circle (season 2)

The new cycle comes from this commitment to the reality show with 13 episodes where contestants will reveal how far they can go in order to win a battle to be the best influencers. A duel without borders where fame, social networks and hyperbole are heroes. Some chapters are already available to watch for this competition and new episodes of the show will be released on April 28th.

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In search of Shela

Series and movies to watch on Netflix

This documentary follows the hit series “Wild Wild Country,” which revolves around a religious sect that has come to create a new space for meeting and strengthening their beliefs in the United States. In search of SheEla, he focuses on one of the leaders of the group (Osho). What happened to his life .. Is the question that this production that was tasked with searching for in India is trying to answer?


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