This is the viral dance created by some African kids that roams the whole world


With a happy rhythm and invites you to dance to it, “JerusalemCreated by African Master KG without expecting that the song he dedicated to the region in which he was born, Limpopo (South Africa) and written in the Fanda language, will eventually come to an end Global success. It’s a catchy song that ended up taking over the world quickly.

The The last to register Dancing her orphaned primate shelter workers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She wanted a group of caregivers, who were using masks, to protect monkeys from coronavirus Show your work To the world through an original dance in which they encouraged “finding happiness in the little things”, referring to the moment of pandemic and uncertainty in which we are living. In the video you can see several men and women wearing masks while feeding the primates to the beat of the song.

The The creators of this dance A viral group of orphan children from an African shelter Children of Masaka AfricanaThey get food, clothing, health care and education. These children use the happy song as a therapy, and thanks to the videos they posted on the networks, with perfectly coordinated movements and without stopping to smile, they were able to reach all over the world.

Since then, social networks have never ceased to be full of people performing the dances, especially in TikTok on Instagram, Which increased the popularity of this song which has already garnered more than 160 million views on YouTube and over 35 million views on Spotify. And the best thing is that this dance keeps stopping online, as more and more people challenge themselves to dance under the hashtag. #JerusalemaChallenge.

The song was born in 2019, but it wasn’t until February of this year that it started gaining popularity with the arrival Coronavirus and confinementAnd it ended up becoming a hymn of hope before everything the planet was going through. No one will say that behind this attractive success is a spiritual message that saves the idea of ​​the heavenly sanctuary and an ancient religious belief.

Finally, the challenge I reached western hospitalsHealth workers from hospitals in Italy, the United States or Australia used it as a treatment for their patients to keep them energetic and happy in this fight.

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