Netflix shortlisted Oscars movies you must watch right now


The American Film Academy has already presented Preselection of Oscar Awards 2022. too much Netflix movies They have a chance to be shortlisted for the shortlist of candidates who could be eligible for a figurine next year.

This is in addition to being able to win Best Picture, Best Director, or Best Performance Many Netflix movies The platform can award quite a few Oscars in categories like the best song, foreign movie, best sound, documentary, or soundtrack, among others.

These are the categories they provided Your shortlist And that they are beginning to bring joy to Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings, who are striving Increasing the number of Oscars Who at the moment for seven.

So if you want to catch up and Watch Netflix movies (and documentaries) Which has a chance of winning an Academy Award (and surprise in the big categories), makes the following list.

  • dog power (original sound, voice)
  • do not search (original song, original soundtrack)
  • injury (original song)
  • The hardest thing would be to fall (original audio clip, original song)
  • procession (documentary film)
  • It was God’s hand (foreign movie)
  • Tag, put… Boom! (sound)
  • Betty Roja (short animation)
  • audible (short documentary film)
  • Secret Domain: The Nazis in the United States (short documentary film)
  • Show me the way home (short documentary film)
  • 3 songs by Benazir (short documentary film)

It is worth noting that the song was nominated by The hardest thing would be to fall have cooperation Jay Z, which – which You could face Beyoncé For an Oscar if it’s his song to King Richard It is also selected for the final list. The Carter Knowles family has plenty of options to go home with the figurine.

The Oscars will be on March 27th, so you have a little over 3 months to watch Netflix movies (and documentaries) because some of them might be named at the Los Angeles party.

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