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Streaming platform Netflix-this-is-the-new-south-korean-series-that-tell-you-how-and-when-go-to-die-20211120-0026.html “target=”_blank”> Update Your catalog every week with new titles that quickly become direction. the last November 17 Netflix The second season of . has been shown squirting queen, One of the most awaited productions for thousands of fans. This is the first broadcast Colombian series That was in 2018.

Although it has been around since its premiere among the first 10 productions most consumed by Argentines, with the help of Long weekend Came to be first. In second place is the movie red alert And ranked third in a row mysterious.

La Reina del Flow: What are the most watched series in Argentina?

squirting queen Two seasons. The first of them was released in 2018, and contains 82 episodes, and the second has a total of 89 episodes that reached television screens in Egypt. 2021. It’s a championship Carolina Ramirez, who puts himself in place Yemi Montoya.

WL A 16-year-old singer, she spent her adolescence between rhymes, studying and helping out in the businesses that were for her mom and dad. But from day to day, tragedy surprised her and twisted her fate.

Yemi’s parents are killed and she is unjustly blamed for a crime she did not commit, and the young woman spends 17 years of her life in prison. After regaining her freedom, the talented songwriter will begin to take revenge on the men who cheated on her and killed her family. To do this, it will assume a new identity: Tami Andrade. So a new born music producer Who is looking for talent?

Who is the Argentine actor? squirting queen?

The crew of the novel is composed of Carlos Torres, Juan Manuel Restrepo, Lucho Velasco It was added in the second season Marcelo dos Santos, who caught the attention of Argentine viewers through his role as Mike Rivera.

of the saints He began his career in the late 80s in an unforgettable classic style: Happy sunday. Although he started his career in the country, in 1992 he left for Colombia where you currently reside.

“I have been in Colombia for 24 years. I left Argentina in 1992, I was in Venezuela I worked for three years, then I went to the US, and when I went back to Venezuela to sell some things I had, I met a writer who told me she was doing a project in Bogota”And Calculated in a conversation with Pablo Gourlero by La Eleven Diez / Radio Ciudad.

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