New pirate game coming in November

New pirate game coming in November

Image for the article This is Skull And Bones: The new pirate game from the creators of Assassin's Creed arrives in November

picture: Ubisoft.

In 2013 came the game that is considered by many to be one of the best games Doctrine killer Until now: black flag. What made this title interesting is a different approach to the classic killer theme Reverse Templars of the saga, focuses on pirates of the seas and very fun ship battles.

It is precisely from this side that he was born skull and bones. The new game Ubisoft it after several years In development, it will finally arrive very soon on PC and consoles. The game extracts and extends ship and pirate items black flagadding a multiplayer component to fight alongside friends and other players, or face them in combat.

Ubisoft has published a gameplay preview of skull and bonesExplaining what can be done in the game. The idea is to control a character who will start with a small ship but after carrying out many contracts and plundering many other ships and forts, gradually improve the pirate ship’s weapons, equipment and crew. In addition to solo or co-op missions, teams of 5 players can face each other in pirate ship battles.

Here is the new trailer for the game skull and bones

skull and bones | Gameplay overview

Players will be able to choose and customize the type of ship they want to use, from ships that carry massive payloads to ships focused on combat (but with a lower payload capacity) or speed (but with fewer weapons). You can modify the weapons and the appearance of the ships, and in the various ports you can find new contracts and things to do in the game’s open world.

skull and bones It arrives November 8 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia. After years of waiting, the idea of ​​getting back into a game with style . came to me black flag But it only focuses on its hacking element, it looks very attractive.

New cinematic trailer for skull and bones

skull and bones | Long live the piracy movie trailer

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