The new WhatsApp feature everyone has been waiting for – Tell me about the science

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“Who can see me when I’m online?”

The most awaited feature to hide “online” caption for different contacts will soon be available in beta for all WhatsApp users.

The WhatsApp It’s one of the most used apps today, and while other platforms have recently emerged seeking to knock the app off the top spot, the company hasn’t been left behind and has listened to the thousands of requests that come up daily about improving privacy. The app with the green logo will enable one of the most anticipated functions in recent years by 2000 million users who use this app every day to send messages and make calls.

Since its launch, it has been one of the most anticipated functions by users The WhatsApp Had to hide the state “Online” While they are connected to send or receive messages, because for most users, it is inconvenient to show their status and this may be due to various reasons like some contacts may be informed or just because they want to stay in incognito mode.

According to the gate whiteinfo In the next WhatsApp it updates the option to “Who can see me when I’m online” It will now be available to all iOS, Android, and Desktop beta users. Various settings will be included to provide the user with the opportunity to precisely define who can see the status and will be able to activate it without having to exit the application, download other applications or go to third parties.

This feature that has been waiting for years will allow users more privacy and control, as they will be able to hide the online status of all the contacts they want, thus they will be able to send and even write a message without the myth of ‘writing’ or ‘online’.

Accompanied by this report, the portal has uploaded a screenshot confirming that WhatsApp is developing “Last seen settingsAlthough the capture refers to the iOS version, it is also intended to integrate Android and desktop devices.

Undoubtedly, the upcoming update will position WhatsApp as the best instant messaging and calling app, as it will not only integrate the long-awaited function of avoiding showing status while chatting, but will also include settings to be able to edit messages that have already been sent. The only thing left is to stay informed and wait for the update to be the first to enjoy these great features.

Now, if you want more privacy at the moment, you can go to Hide Last Time option, which you can activate by following these steps:

  1. select file existingthat is, the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Find and select the option “Settings”.
  3. Click “law Project” And then directly in “Gross”.
  4. Finally, go to “Last time. Time” and select option “no one”, You can also disable a file “Read receipts”.

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