Nominated former Venezuelan Congressman Joe Biden as his delegate to the Islamic Development Bank

Former Venezuelan Congressman Joe Biden proposed Leopoldo Martinez Noset as Washington’s representative on the board of the Islamic Development Bank (Image: EFE)

United States President Joe Biden proposed to Former Venezuelan Congressman Leopoldo Martinez Nositi How do Washington representative on the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Development Bank.

It is a statement, The White House reported Tuesday that Martinez, Venezuelan-American lawyer, writer and social entrepreneur, Nominated as Executive Director of the United States of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Development Bank, a body headed by Mauricio Claver Carone, The first American in this position.

Martinez who is he? Member of the Democratic Party and one of the leaders of the Latin Caucus, He is the founder of the nonpartisan organization Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas and director of the consulting firm LMN Consulting.

What is more, Martinez served on the Small Business Legislative Committee for the Commonwealth of Virginia and served on the Virginia Governor’s Transition Committee.Democrat Ralph Northam.

Biden also proposed to Maria Fabiana Jorge, originally from Argentina and Founder of MFJ International as Alternate Director of the United States before the Islamic Development Bank.

The accusations announced by the White House must be confirmed by the US Senate (Image: Reuters)
The accusations announced by the White House must be confirmed by the US Senate (Image: Reuters)

As appointed by the ruler Maria Luisa Pagan, born and raised in Puerto Rico, serves as Deputy United States Trade Representative in the Geneva office. With more than three decades of experience as a trade negotiator for the United States government, Pagan currently serves as Deputy General Counsel in the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

These accusations must be confirmed by the US Senate.

who is who

Leopoldo Martinez Noset is a Venezuelan-American lawyer, writer, and social entrepreneur. He is also a former congressman from Venezuela. He is founder of the Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas, editor of IQ Latino, and director of LMN Consulting, LLC. Martinez is a member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), a leader of the Hispanic Caucus, and a founding member of the Board of the Latin Victory Project.

He served on the Commonwealth of Virginia Small Business Legislative Committee, and is currently a member of the University of Mary Washington Visitors Council and the University of Virginia’s Sorensen Institute. He also served on the transition committee for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. He graduated from Harvard Law School (1989), Princeton University School of Public and International Affairs (96) and University of Miami Law School (2007). He has worked with large international law and accounting firms, and has extensive experience advising Fortune 500 companies, private equity funds, multinational corporations, international corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Today the US government announced its nominations for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), among other designations (Image: REUTERS)
Today the US government announced its nominations for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), among other designations (Image: REUTERS)

for this part, Fabiana George is the founder and president of MFJ International, A global consulting firm based in Washington, DC specializing in international business and trade. Jorge Three decades of experience in business negotiations with a focus on intellectual property and access to medicines. She has been deeply involved in numerous trade negotiations, including the United States Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the Comprehensive and Advanced Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), the 2007 New Trade Policy, and the Dominican Republic and Central America Free. Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR), the EU-Canada Comprehensive Trade Agreement (CETA), the EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement, and most recently, the Comprehensive Regional Economic Association (RCEP).

Previously, she was the director of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand, where she was the head of Latin American Affairs. She was an assistant professor at the University of El Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was born. She holds a degree in Political Science with a major in International Relations from the Catholic University of Buenos Aires. He holds an MBA from Columbia University. He is fluent in Spanish and French and has a working knowledge of Portuguese. She moved to the United States over 30 years ago and lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Doug, and their three children Christopher, Philip and Nicole.

finally, Maria El Pagan It’s almost gone Three decades as a business attorney in the US government. currently Deputy General Counsel for the Office of the United States Trade Representative. In this role, he provides legal advice to senior officials of the US Trade Representative’s office on all legal aspects related to trade negotiations, implementation of trade agreements, and trade-related laws and regulations. She was the principal attorney for the United States in many trade agreement negotiations. She was the lead attorney for the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, handling the legal aspects of the negotiation, as well as the implementation package approved by Congress in early 2020.

Prior to becoming Deputy General Counsel, she specialized in providing legal advice on Section 421 country-specific services, public procurement and safeguards, and has also litigated various disputes before the World Trade Organization. Prior to joining the Office of the United States Trade Representative in 2003, Bagan She worked as a legal advisor in the Office of the Senior Legal Counsel for International Trade in the US Department of Commerce. Born and raised in Puerto Rico and resides in Maryland. She received her law degree, master’s degree in foreign service from Georgetown University, and her bachelor’s degree. from Tufts University.

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