Nuebo magazine publishes its first issue

Nuebo magazine publishes its first issue

Celebrate the appearance new, A new free monthly newsletter (print!) with distribution in Madrid and Barcelona focused, as its name suggests, on the new creators of the music and cultural scene.

what: free magazine

It is always a source of joy when new cultural initiatives emerge. And even more so in these troubled times. In this case we are talking about new, A print publication that comes to focus its work on the current state of young creators of popular culture, distancing itself from “everything in the past was better”. And we love it.

They mention in the editorial of their first issue: “We are going through a unique stage in which popular culture has become global and widespread. The level of artistic and/or entertainment production is staggering, and popular culture has never been so much created and diversified as it is today. In the time it took me to write these lines, there was a graphic artist in Taipei, a musician in Uganda or a filmmaker in Ontario who had just completed a masterpiece and yet it continues, paralleling the difficult visualization that went by was better.

Knowing all this, we received number 1 from new. And what he promised is more than fulfilling. With impeccable design and presentation, the free, hundred-page monthly magazine (currently with distribution in Madrid and Barcelona) offers outstanding content with a clearly defined editorial font. the cover is for Rojo, There are notes dedicated to La Plata, Blanco Palamera, Calaverita Records, Yard Act, Arca, Yarea And the Louis Toledo Among other things, as well as a report on the 50 best anime in history.

But new It is more than just a magazine: for a long time, officials have been publishing video sessions of various musicians on their YouTube channel, and they are carrying out new club In Madrid since last December to introduce new values ​​to the music scene.



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