OCV asserts that “animal welfare is a science that should be included in the veterinary profession”


The Organization of the Veterinary College (OCV) sent a statement acknowledging that animal welfare “is a science that should be included in the veterinary profession, because it refers to Biological state Of the animal, which can be measured on the basis of the animals’ physiological and behavioral studies.

Therefore, the organization believes that although animal welfare is linked to the treatment provided, the fact that quality care is provided and their needs are met It does not guarantee their well-being, Which should be evaluated based on various variables that measure their good physical and mental condition.

“Veterinarians are the only professionals who gather the knowledge needed to establish the foundations of animal welfare,” they explain from OCV. Experts explain this for evaluation The state of physical health It is necessary to know biochemistry, physiology, knowledge of the various diseases that an animal can suffer from and have clinical concepts or ethology, among others. In addition, the animal’s mental health condition must be taken into account, which requires knowledge of neuroscience.

The OCV Sponsorship Committee, made up of renowned experts in the field, is working to define a The concept of animal welfare From the veterinary field, and in establishment Practical protocols This topic is at the disposal of colleagues who practice daily with pets and farm animals. In this sense, the OCV notes that “there is a need to respond from the point of view of veterinary science to the increased social sensitivity about animal welfare and to improve the training of professionals in this field”.

One good – one good

One Welfare-Un Solo Bienestar is an extension of the One Health concept, and it recognizes the interconnectedness between animal welfare and human well-being and the environment, as the relationship with the animals It is a reflection of the relationship with people.

Spain has 4.8 million single-parent families. The The truth of living together With a dog or other pet it has multiple benefits to both. The most vulnerable people need to give and receive affection, and be positive to both the animal and the person. Having a routine and responsibilities is, in short, a helpful feeling. For its part, in the area of ​​livestock, animal welfare affects the quality and health of products, management and safety of farms.

Veterinary College Organization

The Veterinary College Organization is the representative body for all Veterinary professionals From Spain. It is made up of 52 regional colleges, by the independent councils and the General Council of Veterinary Colleges, represented in international organizations, such as the World Veterinary Association and the Federation of European Veterinarians, among others.

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