Olympia lost their first friendly match against Ugila de El Salvador in the United States

Olympia lost their first friendly match against Ugila de El Salvador in the United States

North Carolina, United States.

Olympia in North Carolina was surprised in the first two trials against Aguila in El Salvador, after losing 2-1, despite scoring the first goal and controlling most of the match.

Merengo started with the starting line-up, but without ever setting foot on the accelerator, Coscatelicos benefited from gaining confidence and winning the first leg at Weekend Soccer Field in Cary.

The Crucco champions didn’t have enough clarity in attack led by Jerry Bengtsson and Eddie Hernandez, but defender Brian Bekeles headed a corner kick to beat Aguila’s goal and put the Cruccos ahead near the end of the first half.

But Kevin Melara of the Salvadoran team equalized before the end of the first half in stoppage time. In the second half, it will come Meering’s neglect that caused his downfall.

$!  The eleventh starter of Olympia sent by Pablo Lavalin to the field to face Aguila de El Salvador.

With a lukewarm start, Olympia managed the match in attack, but neglected his defense, which the Salvadoran team was able to achieve very well in the 52nd minute thanks to a good mixture that ended with a soft touch from Fabio Burbano with a 2-1 goal.

DT Pablo Lavallen searched for an equaliser but to no avail by entering striker Michael Chirinos, who had a clear goal but lacked a goal.

He also included Justin Arboleda in attack, but was unable to break the lock on the Salvadorans who scored a massive victory and left the Whites with plenty of doubts in Lavallen’s first international training.

The Olympic defense had a hard time with the Salvadoran attacks.

“He’s friendly, the important thing is the league”

Tuesday’s rematch will be in Brooklyn, New York at Maimonides Stadium, something the Argentine coach, Olympia, has announced he will treat with caution.

“This game helped us rotate the team, for example, we had, for example, Edwin Casildo who was coming from a ligament tear, so this is to pick up the rhythm, this is a friendly game and it is to gain confidence,” coach Albo confirmed after the match ended.

He also explained: “We are going to a series of three matches at home at the local level, so we will see if there are tournaments for the match that we will play in New York, but in general the group is good. In the league,” Lavalin said.

data sheet:

Olympia: Jose Mendoza, Maynor Nunez, Elvin Casildo, Brian Bekeles, Jonny Leveron, Carlos Pineda, Pedro Gonzalez (Michel Chirinos), Axel Maldonado (Jorge Alvarez), Bonique Garcia, Eddie Hernandez (Yustre Bengio).

Eagle: Benji Villalobos, Xavier Garcia, Alexandre Mendoza, Reinaldo Aparicio, Fabricio Alfaro, Gerson Maine, Jan Macel (Robin Bourgas), Edwin Lazo, Kevin Melara (Walter Pineda), Santos Ortiz (David Rojamas), and Fabio Burbano (Rivas Dixon).

$!  Pablo Lavalin during the friendly match against the guila de El Salvador.

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