Olympic Champion Piruth Shimotai will start in Atapuerca • Vorovos Magazine

Olympic Champion Piruth Shimotai will start in Atapuerca • Vorovos Magazine

The Olympic champion in Tokyo from the 3000-meter hurdles, Ugandan athlete Biruth Shimotaiwill argue in XVIII International Cross of Atapuerca, The competition organized by the Institute of Sports and Youth of the Burgos Provincial Council, which this year will be held jointly with Spanish Club Championship Next weekend from November 12 and 13.

Shimotai He won a gold medal in the past Olympic Games last year 2021to become so Uganda’s first female athletehis homeland, To win the highest Olympic title. In addition, it also contains a file Fifth place in the 2019 World Cross Country Championships.

With your registration confirmed, Biruth Shimotai Become One of my main favourites to fight in Atapuerca cross for the final victory In the women’s elite race, a test that will bring together the best long- and middle-distance athletes on the international scene. In fact they also confirmed their participation in the last hours of Turkish jasmine box and the Abyssinian Just Jet Net.

jasmine box he is European Champion in the 10,000m In 2018 and also Continental Cross Country Champion In 2019. For her part, Just Get Net He has a medal Silver Medal in the Ethiopian Cross Country Championships last year 2021.

Based on the Elite men’s raceAt the moment, the athletes of the prestige of the Spaniards are confirmed Muhammad Qatir, Waseem Amiz, Abdul Samad Okhalfin, and Adel Mishaal.

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