Olympic Games: The Colombian Athletics team prepares


Although the uncertainty exists regarding perception or not Tokyo Olympics, All athletes who have a guaranteed place in duels are progressing in the preparedness process, regardless of some of the limitations caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the case in Choose Colombia Fast Track Athletics, which currently has seven athletes in Quito, Ecuador, on orders of the Cuban coach Nelson Gutierrez.

The trainer talked about the Antena 2 Sports Center program in which he provided the details of the work He runs the national team and has plans for Tokyo duels.

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Gutierrez indicated that a preparation program has been implemented since last year and since October, the focus has been on it Keto works in full daily sessions without relapses.

Anthony Zambrano, Diego Palomique, Wilmar Herrera and John Solis They make up the men’s team, while Jennifer Padilla, Angelica Escobar and Eliana Chavez, Valencia They are part of the women’s pay scale, which is also intended to secure a place in the Olympics in mixed race mode.

“Everything was very stable, we didn’t have a problem with the infection or on the muscular level. The idea is to tour the US at the end of March and the beginning of April, although everything depends on the invitations and protocols they had at the time,” he noted Gutierrez.

The coach said the goal is to start some tests at the US circuit and others in Europe.

to me Anthony ZambranoGutierrez confirmed that he is a very young athlete who is completing his preparations, but at the same time they have high expectations with his results.

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“Anthony is doing very well. The ideal is to complete the preparations. We should do competitive tournaments. In May he will start the World Cup relay in Poland. He is a young athlete so he must have a solid base,” he said.

Finally, the Cuban coach in Service Colombia made this clear John Perlaza and Bernardo Balois, Who are also part of the national team, are currently developing their careers in the United States, so it is expected that they will be linked to the group at the start of the test competitions.

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