‘Paper House: Korea’ Explains the End of the Netflix Series: What Happened to the Hacked Agent | Cinema and entertainment series

‘Paper House: Korea’ Explains the End of the Netflix Series: What Happened to the Hacked Agent |  Cinema and entertainment series

Despite the fact that the plot is the same as in the original Spanish series, “The Paper House: Korea” has captivated the Netflix audience with its tension-filled scenes.

If you’ve already finished watching its six episodes and still have some doubts about what happened, keep reading, because here we explain what happened at the end of the series.

The revealed ending of the Netflix series “The paper house: Korea”

Despite some details, this new Korean version of “La casa de papel” has certain scenes similar to those seen in the Spanish version.

Some of them are how Professor recruits Tokyo, explains his plan to infiltrate the mint, and Berlin orders Denver to kill a hostage (which he refuses to do), or Arturito (in this version named Jo Young Min), being a nuisance to the thieves.

In the last episode, you can see how the professor managed to escape from a police chase by throwing himself with the motley truck towards some kind of canal.

After Captain Cha Moo-hyuk’s operation, in which agents infiltrated the robbery, one of them seemed to have been killed. This is how the police use this fact to their advantage to distort the public image of thieves.

The inspector uses the pretext that the hostages’ relatives are worried about negotiating with the professor and entering the mint with a photographer.

Once he did that, he decided to check that every one of them was safe and sound. However, he began searching for the client who was supposedly killed.

This is what the “plot plot” looks like at the end of the series, in which the client was still alive, which can be interpreted as a defeat for the police, which was resented by public opinion.

After that, you can see how the inspector has an appointment with the professor, where she finds out that the daughter of the US ambassador to Korea (one of the hostages of the robbery) put a piece of the bill in her pocket without noticing it. What makes her think about the true intentions of the thieves.

The professor is left alone, who heads home. Before entering, someone interrupted him: Captain Cha Moo Hyuk himself. This is how the first season of “The paper house: Korea” ends. Could the identity of the “Professor” have been discovered?

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