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Ricky Martin did not lose sight of the criticism and questions received by the movie “Lightyear”, for presenting a scene in which two women kiss, and he decides to talk about it.

Puerto Rican translator who publicly declared his homosexuality, He used his Instagram account to share a powerful message in which he made his position on the tape clear.

“Those people who thought their kids would turn gay to watch Lightyear made documentaries about Einstein.” Let’s see if the intelligence they did not acquire by heredity remains so.”you read.

Ricky Martin sends a strong message to critics of ‘Light Year’. (Photo: Instagram)

“Lightyear”, a film directed by Angus MacLean in its directorial debut and starring Chris Evans, which gives voice to the main character of Buzz, It was the first movie Pixar In showing a couple made up of two women.

Even Evans himself talked about it, too. “The truth is that these people are stupid… American history, the history of mankind, is one of social awakening and continuous growth, That’s what makes us good.”told Reuters.

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