Paramount is making a live-action Beyblade movie

Paramount is making a live-action Beyblade movie

Let it rip!!

Being one of the most popular anime of the first decade of the twenty-first century, beyblades Getting ready to come back, even though she’s going to do it now A movie with actors in a real picture.

paramount pictures He is the one behind this project, which was revealed by Deadline Gate, noting that the project is in its early stages.

Adaptation he already has Neil Widener and Gavin James They were contracted so that these two people would be the ones to write the script that would be reflected on the screen.

In addition to Paramount, the film will feature an engagement Jerry Bruckheimerone of the most famous producers in Hollywood, and among his productions are films such as The bestAnd disaster And the entire franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.

Looking at the beginning of the movie, at the moment there are no other details about it, and you don’t know if an unreleased plot will be shown or if the anime will be adapted.

The franchise has various animated series, with the first of which arrived in 2001 and runs through 2005. Most recently, beyblade burstIt started in 2016 and is still waiting till now to receive new episodes.

It came from the series A whole wave of related gamesCreated by Hasbro and has been a huge sales success.

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