Stephanie Caillou confirms her relationship with Maxi Iglesias has ended and avoids talking about actor Kerem Bursin

Stephanie Caillou confirms her relationship with Maxi Iglesias has ended and avoids talking about actor Kerem Bursin
Stephanie Caillou ends the rumors and confirms that she ended up with Maxi Iglesias. (Photo: Capture/Instagram)

Stephanie Caillou He confirmed what many of his fans had feared. The actress revealed her relationship with the Spanish actor maxi churches it has finished. During an interview with an international media outlet, the Peruvian could not help but respond to strong rumors about her separation that began a week ago and her relationship with the Turkish actor. Kerem Bursin.

As he recalls, Amor y Fuego started speculating about their breakup and told what Italian headlines had begun linking him to the Istanbul-born producer.

Without giving further details, the Caillou family member stated that she is no longer a husband to Maxi Iglesias and took the opportunity to highlight the success of the film. “Till we meet again”And Where both were heroes and developed a love story.

“No, we don’t follow up anymore. The love story continues in the movie and we are both very happy that our story has pierced so many hearts. The film worked very well and we are very happy with the results.”Stephanie said very calmly.

He also noted that today they are very good friends. “We weren’t even the perfect couple in the movie and yet these things happen. We are friends and we love each other very much.”

On the other hand, avoid referring to Kerem Bursin Noting that it is a private matter. This is a very personal issue. I’d rather not say anything about her.”commented. However, he did not deny that he met him during his trip to Spain. “Yes, I’ve met him and he’s a wonderful guy, though I don’t know him very well yet”.

Stephanie Caillou confirms the end of her relationship with Maxi Iglesias. Video: YouTube

Why is Stephanie Caillou associated with Karim Boursin?

A picture of Karim and Stephanie He would have put them in the center of the controversy. They both look very smiling in a black and white shot. Although the photo had no color, it can be seen that the actress was wearing the same clothes that she showed on her Instagram stories that day of the meeting.

This happened after the 34-year-old producer and model also visited Spain to participate in a project with the famous Antonio Banderas. by your side. The Peruvian visited Madrid to celebrate her birthday with her sister, Fiorella Caillou. It is worth noting that international media indicated that Kerem already knew the Kaio family.

Stephanie Caillou and Kerem Bursen.  (Photo: Instagram)
Stephanie Caillou and Kerem Bursen. (Photo: Instagram)

Who is Karim Boursin?

Kerem Bursin A 34-year-old Turkish actor, director and model. He was honored for his participation in TV series such as Güneşi Beklerken (2013-2014), Serif Misslesi (2014-2015) and Sen Çal Kapımı (2020-2021) sold to more than 90 countries.

He won an award for his performance Seoul International Drama Award In 2017, thus becoming the second Turkish actor to win this prestigious award.

In 1999, at the age of twelve, Karim moved with his family to the United States, where he lived for several years. In high school, he formed a rock band with friends and performed several concerts in Texas.

He was also selected as the best theater actor in a school competition. After graduation, she moved to Boston and earned a degree at Emerson College in Communications and Marketing with a minor in Public Relations, in addition to taking acting classes.

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

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