All James Bond movies will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting May 1

All James Bond movies will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting May 1

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Not because expected, the new announcement for Prime Video has ceased to be a bombshell. From May 1, all Bond series movies will be available on Amazon. He will be among them too No time to diethe movie that saw Daniel Craig bid farewell to Agent 007 last year. In December 2021, most movies were already merged for rental or purchase on this platform, but not subscribed.

The entire world of Agent 007 will be available for the first time entirely on Prime Video, including Documentaries like Bond Girls Forever also all or nothing. The move was expected after Jeff Bezos’ company paid $8,450 million to acquire a historic brand like Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The purchase was announced on May 26, 2021, but did not become effective until March 17, 2022, when the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved the process.

Amazon is already taking advantage of the Bond brand. A few weeks ago it was announced that Prime Video has given the green light to 007 The way to a million, a competition that will pit teams of two people against each other who will have to overcome different physical challenges and answer questions that are distributed in different parts of the world. The winner of the program will receive one million pounds sterling, which is approximately 1.21 million euros.

No time to die It was the fourth highest-grossing film in theaters in 2021, grossing over $700 million worldwide and receiving nominations for five BAFTA Awards and three Academy Awards. It is expected that during 2022, the identity of the new actor who plays James Bond will be announced. For now, the only thing they have confirmed Barbara Broccoli And his brother, Michael Wilson, who is responsible for overseeing all of the franchise’s decisions, is that the character will not be played by a woman.

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