Polygonus is betting to bring its content to Netflix, HBO and Amazon


Medellin has proven itself to be Colombia’s most innovative city, and it has been left behind by both the government and local businessmen, who are planning to turn it into a “software valley” and train youth in programming, the Internet of Things, big data and Blockchain, among other technologies.

But before this idea started to take shape and that more people would be interested in Medellin’s 4.0 future, a group of Pisa youths, who make up Polygonus today, were exploring their skills in software development, virtual reality, art, and 3D design. After a long learning process, which started in 2008 in the United States and participated in the consortium of several companies, Polygonus opened its doors in 2019 and is preparing today to conquer live broadcasting companies such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO and others with a trailer for its new production, which mixes all fields His work is in audiovisual effects, programming and video games.
José David Cardona García, CEO of Polygonus, commented that the idea of ​​creating video games and animated series has always been a constant among its partners who have been working in different fields.

“We realized there was the talent and experience needed to embark on this proposal that focuses on creating entertainment content and integrating software development and the Internet of Things. This is how the company was born and today we have 90 employees and have operations in New York and Dublin,” he said.

The work of these young people led them to platforms like Netflix to be interested in learning about their creative and exciting proposals to start working with international production companies. However, Cardona says, this approach led them to search for talent in Medellin to co-pilot.

“They called us to create characters and scenarios in order to develop the virtual production, but at the time we had the knowledge, but not all the talent needed. We asked to wait, while we trained 200 people,” Cardona Garcia said.

This new challenge of finding local talent not only left the doors open for the broadcast platform, but also led them to start their new line of business, Academy by Polygonus, which today has 1,000 students.
According to Cardona, Medellín has all the talent to participate in large international productions, so, together with these new developers that make it up, the company is preparing to reach the major tournaments with its own content.

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