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Presidency 2024

Although there are still three years before he succeeds a successor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and hold elections next year, which are 6 states; The race has already begun and the names of the presidential candidates in 2024 are still emerging.

It all began in the morning as a result of the statements of the head of the executive branch, who revealed his possible group, or as he said his “chips” for his succession.

MORENA’s “disclosures” were not the only ones, as figures from other parties also raised their hands, and some have already appeared in opinion polls, such as those by T Research and more recently, by the newspaper. Reshape.

who are they?

in Morena, Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Government of Mexico City, Marcelo EbrardMinister of Foreign Relations,

them too Juan Ramon de la FuenteMexico’s Ambassador to the United Nations; Esteban MoctezumaMexico’s Ambassador to the United States and former Minister of Public Education; Beside Nada Nahli, Minister of Energy; And Tatiana Clotheer, Currently the Ministry of Economy and Ricardo Monreal, Morena’s coordinator in the Senate, who, although not mentioned on any of the occasions referring to the case at the National Palace, was put on the list because of his career.

frying pan

In blue and white candidacy dispute can occur between Ricardo Anaya Mauricio Villa, the current governor of Yucatan, Francisco Dominguez, the outgoing governor of Queretaro, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, Senator Lily Téllez Y sIt has been stated that the person who can make a new attempt to obtain this position is Margaret ZavalaA federal deputy elected by the National Action Party, who, while accepting that it is still too early, finds it feasible for the features of civil society to be the standard-bearer of the opposition in the quest for the presidency.


Alejandro Moreno Cardenas, “Alito” It is one of the possible letters for PRI in 2024, as well as two current governors: Alfredo del Mazo, from the state of Mexico, in the style of Enrique Peña Nieto as well Alejandro Murad, from Oaxaca.

Citizen movement

Highlights Enrique Alfaro, the governor of Jalisco, who became one of the main opposition figures to the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is also the last winner of the position of Governor of Nuevo Leon, Samuel Garcia or Luis Donaldo ColosseoElected mayor of Monterrey.

But whoever gathers the experience will undoubtedly be like that Dante Delgado, the MC coordinator in the Senate and one of the most powerful figures among the party’s militants.

Already entered the succession game, Gerardo Fernandez NoronhaHe also announced his intention to run for the 2024 presidential election.

And since there is still a long way to go, we do not doubt that more names will be added to this list, at the moment opinion polls show those who have, so far, more prospects for the presidential seat.

The last one by the newspaper Reshape, Which highlights, first of all, that the party with the most preferences in the electorate is Morena at 43%. The PAN party, with 20 percent, and in third place, the Constitutional Revolutionary Party emerges with 19 percent.

This exercise puts the Prime Minister of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum and to the advisor Marcelo Ebrard As the most likely figure for the elections of 2024.

To the question “Will you be willing to vote for the presidency in 2024?” , 26% chose Yes for the Prime Minister, who also received 54% No.

While the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard, got 23% for yes and 57% for no and Ricardo Monreal It was obtained with 9% yes and 68% no.

Meanwhile, other parties highlight PAN Margaret Zavala, with 17% yes and 67% no, and Ricardo AnayaWhich has 15% yes and 72% no.

In the last four are governors of the state of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo (8% yes and 73% no) PRI; from Yucatan, Mauricio Villa (6% yes and 65% no) from PAN and from Jalisco, Enrique AlvarOr from Movimiento Ciudadano with 6% yes and 70% no.

So the latest data today. Numbers and names go and continue to be a subject of discussion for some and for other reasons of “distraction” or division, but as in politics everything changes in spirit and in the course of circumstances we will be attentive.

Dr. C. Hector Muñoz Escobar

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