The United States has 3-0 over Mexico

The United States has 3-0 over Mexico

The American Sextet team achieved their first win by eliminating 3-0 (25-17, 29-27 and 22-05) in the second match of the first date of the South American Volleyball Men’s Cup at the “Palace Ricardo of Volleyball-Gurever-Arias”.

In the men’s competition, two tickets for the Pan-American Games to be held in Chile in 2023 are in dispute.

The United States handled themselves with relative ease in the first game that took 25-19, with powerful shots from Francesco Sant and Shane Holdaway, as well as a solid defense that brought them big profits.

Francesco and Holdway scored 11 and 12 points, respectively, while Jose de Jesus Lopez scored ten points and Costa Gonzalez scored seven.

In the second quarter, Mexico was steadfast and took control of the board early with a good attack and excellent defense, as well as a timely block.

However, when Mexico reached 24 points, with one law equals actions, there was a backlash from North Americans who made a rally by more than eight points to tie the match at 24.

The fight remained closed until finally, the U.S. representation took the second matches of the clash in dramatic fashion.

In Group C, the United States did not lower their guard, while Mexico lost its momentum despite the great efforts of its players.

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