Prime Video: All Movies Released in April 2022 – Movie News

Prime Video: All Movies Released in April 2022 – Movie News

Laura Pausini’s documentary, “The Coupon Queens,” “I Love America,” and “An Appointment with the Past,” is the most anticipated movie on the Amazon streaming platform.

A new month of 2022 begins and by April a real batch of series and movies arrive on the Amazon streaming platform that is growing in its increasingly extensive catalog. A month in March was marked by the arrival of important films very soon after their release in theaters, such as Grandma or Spencerwhich begins to be carried out further by the debut of a long-awaited series such as El Internado: Las Cumbres or undoneamong other outstanding premieres.

Prime Video: All series that will premiere in April 2022

But just as in April, Prime Video is also releasing a good selection of feature films in the next 30 days, one of its original films being the documentary on Laura Pausini, the “thriller” spy thriller. A date with the pastcomedy Coupon queens or the French I love America. But they are not the only people.

You can take note All the movies coming to Prime Video in April 2022 are below:

Laura Pausini – Nice to meet you

The famous singer who captivated young and not so young with her first Spanish-language albums in the 1990s, Laura Bossini, is one of the most famous Italian artists of our country, although now younger generations remember her more from her time as a coach for a team talent Displays the sound. In this movie from Amazon Studios, the Italian pop queen returns in front of the cameras to speak for herself both personally and her career, revealing unknown things about her character and letting the audience, especially her fans, get to know her better.

the first show: April 7

A date with the past

Works directed by “James Marsh”theory of everything) The original spy thriller and suspense from Amazon stars Chris Pine and Michelle Williams as Henry and Celia, respectively, two former lovers and co-workers as CIA agents who meet again after a failed mission they attempted together six years ago. Back then, the plane hijacking ended up killing all the passengers, but now Henry wants to get to the bottom of all of this and Celia may be the key to making it happen.

the first show: April 8

Coupon queens

Directed and written by Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly, and starring Kristen Bell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Vince Vaughn, among others, Queens of the Copunes is another Amazon original film inspired by a true story that tells the story of two beloved women. From home, who are tired of their lives, they decide to carry out a millionaire scam through discount coupons.

the first show: April 15

I love America

Another feature film arriving exclusively on Prime Video is the French film I Love America, directed by Lisa Azuelos and starring veteran actress Sphie Marceau, who plays Lisa, a woman who has just lost her mother and has also left her children. Homepage. Lisa alone decided to travel to the US to meet a great friend and create an account on a dating app.

the first show: April 29

– Other films premiere in April 2022 on main video-

the first show: April 1

the first show: April 4

the first show: April 24

the first show: April 28

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