“Encanto”, Disney’s movie inspired by Colombia and its magic, has arrived in Spain

“Encanto”, Disney’s movie inspired by Colombia and its magic, has arrived in Spain
This content was published on November 21, 2021 – 13:39

Madrid, November 21 (EFE). The Colombian community residing in Spain welcomed this Sunday in Madrid the magic of Disney’s new animated movie “Encanto”, inspired by the South American country, which will be available in theaters starting November 26. .

The first show, organized by the Embassy of Colombia in Spain and the production company, was attended by about 800 people. Children and adults were able to decorate their faces with flowers and other decorations that mimic the animals featured in the film, such as the toucan or the jaguar.

“Colombia, My Magic”, the film’s theme song performed by Colombian Carlos Vives, was one of the most repeated songs at the concert.

Some people wore the costumes typical of the regions of Huila and Cartagena, among others, whose heroes were handmade flowers, ruffled blouses and flowing skirts in gold, red and white.

Members of the Colombian diplomatic representation and ProColombia, the government agency responsible for promoting international tourism, exports and foreign investment, attended.

magical realism

“Encanto” tells the story of the Madrigal family, who have a gift, who live in the mountains of Colombia, and who will keep an eye on them throughout the plot to preserve it.

To do so, Mirabel, the main character, must fight the fate predicted by her uncle Bruno: an uncertain future in which the magic of the region in which they reside could be lost forever.

The production is full of references to Colombian culture, such as the yellow butterflies that evoke the novels of Gabriel García Márquez; traditional clothing such as canvas shoes, hats and ruana – the typical overcoat -; and typical fauna of local fauna such as the chigüiro, the largest rodent in the world, or the jaguar.

In statements to EFE, the Colombian ambassador to Spain, Luis Guillermo Plata, confirmed that magical realism permeates the film, while presenting the country’s “magic and beauty”.

“Colombia has been a country that has faced many difficulties, but it also has very beautiful things and this magical and warm part of our country is what we want to highlight,” he said.

Disney’s director of communications, Cristina Diaz, explained that Encanto seeks to reflect the country’s culture through “landscape, color and food, following the festive spirit of Colombia.” EFE

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