PS Plus and PS now work as one service

PS Plus and PS now work as one service

It seems that the rumors about the imminent disclosure Spartacus project They have some credibility after all. We say this because some users, both from PS5 like PS4They were informed of this after renewing their membership in PlayStation PlusAnd the Sony This same subscription is also taken into account as if it were one of the Playstation now.

some users Newjav Report it after subscribing to PSplusor after renewing an existing subscription, they receive a subscription to PS now Totally free for the same duration. For example, those who have renewed their membership in PSplus For 12 months they also receive a subscription to PS now 12 months at no additional cost.

Other players who already have subscriptions to both services have reported that there is a strange error in their name. When viewing the names of your subscriptions, you are looking for two subscriptions in PSplus Instead of watching individual subscriptions from PS Plus and PS Now. However, those who only subscribe to one of these two services did not notice any change in their subscriptions.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that this was just a simple bug, but it’s definitely going to be an interesting coincidence. apparently, Spartacus project It will be revealed during a big event Play Station in the same monthalthough so far Sony No official date has yet been set for this alleged offer.


Publisher’s note: I think we are now witnessing the first vestiges of Project Spartacus. And since last year, several clues have pointed to its existence, but Sony has done a “good job” keeping a secret so far. Sooner or later we will have all the official details.

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