Puerto Rico wins the San Blas Half Marathon in Cuamo – Metro Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico wins the San Blas Half Marathon in Cuamo – Metro Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico made history by becoming the first in over 60 years to win the San Blas de Cuamo Half Marathon.

This is Orocoveño, Alexander Torres who won the event with a time of 1 hour 4 minutes over African runners, favorites in this type of marathon.

This year, the 61st edition of the San Blas Half Marathon broke the participation record of 1,315 runners set last year during the event’s 60th anniversary.

Lcdo Chief Career. Einar Ramos confirmed that five days before the shooting there were already 1,410 registered athletes.

“We are happy to participate this year with 10 countries on the challenging 21km route. Never before in the history of the half marathon have we had this many runners. If this trend continues and with the remaining days of registration, we hope to run with approximately 1,500 athletes,” Ramos stated.

This year the event was attended by participants from Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, USA, Italy and Puerto Rico.

The mayor, Juan Carlos García Padilla, also expressed his satisfaction at the confirmation of participation this year and emphasized that the interest in the race shown by runners from all over the world, especially those running Puerto Rico, ensures that San Blas will exist for a long time.

“We are so happy that the San Blas Half Marathon remains Puerto Rico’s most important long-distance event, the only international event we have left. The support of our athletes is a symbol of the strength the race still has and shows that after 61 years of the institute, it is still more than alive. Ever Mayor celebrated, we invite all the country to join us in this historic edition.

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