Qatar World Cup 2022, live: All information about the tournament and the participating teams

How Messi prepared for the World Cup in his life

The Argentina captain is just hours away from playing his fifth World Cup

Lionel Messi is ready to play the World Cup for the fifth time (Reuters / Rola Rouhana)

Messi knows it’s the World Cup of his life. face it as another. Although he realizes that his career has dripped into the calendar, he assumes that he is 35 years old. In any case, he will check later if the future gives him a new chance. The fate of a soccer player is usually more unpredictable than that of any mortal. So variable that after Russia 2018, Leo himself could not guarantee his fifth World Cup. One afternoon in May 2019, in a Fox Radio studio, in one of his more laid-back interviews, Liu questioned his own existence. Qatar World Cup 2022. “I don’t know if I’m coming. Today I feel amazing, physically very good. I’m 32 and I don’t know how I’m going to go on. A lot can happen in between. I hope he doesn’t have a serious injury. I say it more than anything because of this,” he opened up. on his fellow televised tour. With God’s grace, physical strength, and care, he arrived in Doha as a complete hero. His skull is 2022 all the time with this goal. Despite his professionalism and competitiveness, Messi gave his all to Paris Saint-Germain, but as he pushed past the opponents who were in his path, his roadmap said the World Cup in all caps. For the first time, he sat on the bench without frowning when the coach took him out in several matches before the 90th minute. He let him pass by thinking about the national team.

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