“Qué despadre” humorously reflects the crisis of the 1940s

“Qué despadre” humorously reflects the crisis of the 1940s
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Monica Rubalcava

Mexico City, February 12 (EFE). Age conflict is addressed this time from a male perspective in a movie starring Mauricio Uchmann, Fiona Palomo and Sandra Echeverria, “Qué despadre!” , a Mexican comedy that highlights the importance of growing up and living in the present.

“The crisis of the forties is there, and it doesn’t happen to all of us in our 40s, but there is a crisis and portraying it here in that funny way is great (great). (Pedro) wants to continue being the eternal teenager,” says Uchmann of his character in an interview with Effie. .

Pedro lives his fourth decade from party to party, is twice the age of his partners, has no friends of his age and hates the traditional life of his generation.

De sentirse joven y libre, Pedro pasará a convertirse en un abuelo gracias a la llegada de Aline (Fiona Palomo, hija del popular y fallecido actor Eduardo Palomo), una joven en sus veintes, que hará que se tambalee su mundo en sus life.

Implicitly, Aline will force Pedro to grow up and make him realize that the way he lives is incompatible with his age.

“I think Allen doesn’t have the brakes, she jumps and gets things done, she’s impulsive, but she still has the heart and innocence. Her acting isn’t from a destructive place, but from not thinking about things,” Palomo reflects on how he handled it.

“such a mess!” , which will premiere on February 14 and premiere on February 17, is Fiona Palomo’s first film, although she has won on television a special space for her participation in series such as “Control”. Z” (2020).

Age approaching “dignity”

Sandra Echeverría finds it interesting that the issue of fear of aging is approached from a male perspective, because the common position and fears about the topic are usually associated with women.

Echeverría plays Helena, a stylist who owns a beauty salon who listens to Pedro, her client’s problems, and helps him hide the signs of aging he’s starting to experience.

“There are eternal teens who will never understand, we all have one in our lives and they are really very bad examples of life. They are people who are left on their own or have realized that they no longer fit into any social circle,” considers Sandra.

In his view, age should be treated with “dignity”. Uchmann believes it is with “honesty, truth, self-love and acceptance” and Fiona believes we should live it with presence. “It is very important to be present at your age,” says the young woman.

friendship and numbers

This is the third project in which Sandra participated together with Ochmann: the first was “Marina” (2006) and the second – and most popular – was “El clone” (2010).

“I have a lot of affection for Mao,” Sandra says, while Uchmann continues, “Something good is happening to us, Dad, we have a special relationship at work and in friendship,” he says.

The film also features performances by famous personalities such as Ana Claudia Talancon, Diana Bracho, Annabel Ferreira, Concepcion Marquez and Hector Suarez, who passed away in 2020.

“Hector will continue to be a genius for the rest of the days because his legacy is embodied in every character he has played, in every movie, series, everything he has done. He is a great teacher for me, I started my career with him and his acceptance was great, he made us die of laughter,” recalls Mauricio .

Fiona says Uchmann couldn’t stop laughing at the scene where Suarez appeared as a doctor, and was under the table crying from laughter.

Finally, Sandra explains that “¡Qué despadre!” , “It is a movie that people laugh at. It talks a lot about the love of human relationships, between a father and his daughter.” EFE

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