“Queens Escape”: Ryan Gosling saves Martha Hagarida from a terrible bear

“Queens Escape”: Ryan Gosling saves Martha Hagarida from a terrible bear

This is an unforgettable tale, as Ryan Gosling becomes the savior of Martha Higarida, the star of “Fuga de Reinas”, by preventing her from being embarrassed in front of everyone. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s the gossip.

Martha Higarida Back under the spotlight after the arrival Queens flight to catalog NetflixWell, the actress Your love hurts And Frida does not smudge She was responsible for writing the script and producing the film. Under the direction of Jorge Macaya, this director’s film debut was a very important project for the Mexican translator.

Accompanied by Paola Núñez, Valeria Vera and Alejandra Ambrosí, the actresses present a comedy in which four old friends go on a journey that brings them very intense tales, all in an attempt to forget the worries of everyday life. Finding herself so committed to this feature film, Higareda not only prepared herself to work behind the scenes, but also did everything to bring Paty Fénix to life.until she trains as Goku alongside her classmates.

Actress career Kings Street He’s also found his luck in the States and shares credits with Keanu Reeves and Chris Evans, however One of the leading men in Hollywood with whom he has not yet been involved in a work Ryan Goslingthe main Kane of the new Greta Gerwig movie.

It is not surprising that many women feel drawn to the protagonist Blade Runner 2049even Martha Higarida. She herself recounted her experience when she met him at a restaurant, but the story isn’t the best we can tell… The actress, during a conversation with Omar Chaparro, recounted the occasion when she went out to eat with a friend in Los Angeles and found him on his way to the bathroom.

as you say , The two were running to the toilets because their partner didn’t like the foodSo in a hurry protagonist Who can marry She got stuck somewhere and when it was time to break free, she almost fell. This is where the anecdote becomes good: ‘Well, we stopped and left the table, because she has a very bad stomach, and Then my jacket got caught. I pull on it a little bit and it’s like I’m really going to come down, and when I do slide, Ryan Rosling catches me“.

Can you imagine that Noah himself from Passion diaries Who comes to save him? Wow, Martha’s experiences cover it all, because she’s so famous for telling stories that border on the incredibleLike the time John Wick saw snot, but we’re sure that’s something that can never be beat. If you are looking for some fun time at home, Queens flight It’s available now on Netflix.

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