Real Madrid Made It to the Champions League Final


Anyone who took advantage of the Footwagers offers and placed a bet in favor of Real Madrid had a field day on May 4, when the team faced Manchester City. Despite being on the brink of elimination, Real was able to make a comeback through Rodrygo, qualifying for the Champions League final this way. Now, fans are expecting even greater things from the European stars.

Real Madrid’s Amazing Comeback

On May 4, Real Madrid was able to prove that it is still capable of great things. During most of the game, it seemed that they were about to lose. 89 minutes in, the score was 0-1 for them, and nobody expected what was about to happen next.

Rodrygo managed to get the match into extra time when he scored two goals. Afterward, it was Karim Benzema who took over. Although he was quite anonymous during the game, he converted a penalty, helping Real Madrid win the game.

It seems that no matter how down Real Madrid may be sometimes, they always rise from the ashes and show the world how amazing they are. After this successful match, they are preparing to face Liverpool in Paris on May 28. If Real wins this match too, it will bring them the 14th title.

The Football World’s Reaction

Of course, the football world did not fail to react to this incredible end of the match.  The Spanish newspaper MARCA said, “God needs to come and explain it.” Meanwhile, the AS front page also said, “Real Madrid is from another planet.”

Carlo Ancelotti, the Real Madrid manager, spoke about the team’s victory as well.

“I cannot say we are used to living this kind of life, but what happened tonight happened against Chelsea and also against Paris,” he said.

“If you have to say why, it is the history of this club that helps us to keep going when it seems that we are gone. The game was close to finished and we managed to find the last energy we had. We played a good game against a strong rival. When we were able to equalize, we had a psychological advantage in extra time.”

Real Madrid’s fans were chanting during the match, showing support for their favorite team. One of the chants that could be heard was “hasta el final, vamos Real”.

“When City scored, it felt like everything was falling apart — all that effort and fight in every round, it felt lost,” said Federico Valverde, Real midfielder. “But the fans were a big help for us to keep fighting to the end. When the goals go in, you think ‘we’re going to win today.”

Real Madrid’s victory means a lot for the team and not only. Now, everyone is directing their attention towards their upcoming match against Liverpool and hoping for the best.

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