Retro Nintendo consoles are already supported on iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple TV

Retro Nintendo consoles are already supported on iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple TV

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They say it’s never too late if happiness is good, which is why even though there are a large majority of devices and platforms Already offered compatibility with retro nintendo controllerApple was still missing to join the party. And so on We should celebrate this with the arrival of iOS 16, Nintendo fans will be able to use these consoles to play in iPhones, iPads, computers, and even Camel.

As revealed by the programmer Steve Troughton Smith in his Twitter accountNew versions of iOS Version 16.1 and tvOS 16.1 support controllers Nintendo SNES Switch. These controls are a Wireless version Updated from those brought by the classic Nintendo console and can be connected as if it were any Bluetooth console.

Troughton-Smith explained that he didn’t have Nintendo 64 or classic NES consoles, but that they should work just like his SNES consoles. It is MacStories confirmed Which consoles worked with in SNES iPad OS 16.1 and macOS Ventura, so the full integration of Apple products is covered.

The bad thing about all of this Is that Apple still does not allow Emulators are inside the App Store, so their use will be reduced to Apple Arcade or the rest of the games on the Apple platform. andThe day Cupertino decides to lift these ridiculous restrictions, we will celebrate it in a big way.

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