Russian skater Bento Finger for the US team


Russian speed skater Daniel Aldushkin The US team’s ‘finger painting’ was caught after semi-finals Chased by men’s teams in Winter Olympicswhere Russia Eliminates United State.

after this act, Daniel He apologized to the opposing team and to all the people who were offended by this act, but emphasized that what he did was a celebration and did not try to offend anyone.

“I raised my hand, I got my first medal at the start Olympic Games. I didn’t mean any of that, I’m sorry if I offended anyone,” he explained to

Moreover, the chief Russian Federation, Alexei Kravtsov shared his apologies and repeated that the gesture had been misunderstood.

“Emotions dominated the skaters at the finish line, and there was no further intention in this action. We are sorry if anyone viewed this situation differently and offended anyone. On behalf of the Russian Ski Federation we offer our solemn apologies.” Krevtsov for the same method.

Russian speed skating team

Finally, the Russian team won the silver medal after losing in Final In view of Norway.

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