Samsung’s camera debuted in the biggest improvement of 2022

Samsung’s camera debuted in the biggest improvement of 2022

It seems that Samsung He did not stop working in his department in Camera. The Korean company has very good news for some of its users, given that it has a file Modernization It will come soon and it will change a lot sides of your camera. This update is a file Great improvement in the camera And several key aspects reported by users. Of course, there is “bad” news in all of this: Modernization You will only accept Galaxy S22.

The good news is that some of these improvements It can come a little later Other models The most humble of the company. Some of them are not directly related to the sensors of these devices, so improvements can reach even more Samsung phones.

This is how Samsung will improve its mobile camera

The company announced today that it will be releasing an update to Improve camera performance. Changes to camera sensors, software, and also some specific features. The stations that will receive the following improvements are: Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 +, Galaxy S22 Ultra.

  • The Hyperlapse mode You will be able to shoot video with the 3x zoom sensor. This recording mode was only available for the main sensor and now it also reaches zoom.
  • Various improvements to QR codes. It will now have more space to scan when using the device’s camera. The scanning process is also improved to be faster and more efficient. Finally, when you ignore scanning a code, the device will detect others again, which it does not do at the moment.
  • improvement in HDR mode better performance.
  • Enhanced color reproduction in photo mode.
  • Improve memory and AI performance in Photo, Night and Video mode.
  • General improvements in Video stability and quality.
  • Better sharpness and natural contrast From the camera. This update arrived in June for the main sensor and now these improvements are also integrated into the secondary sensors.
  • summit Colors and exposure From dark areas in night mode.
  • Better performance in conditions very dim light.

Samsung confirmed that it Main Camera Upgrade It has been released so far, so you must be lucky if you have one of the devices selected. If not, we recommend that you wait, because many of these improvements It can reach other Samsung models With regular updates from Single User Interface.

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