San Diego eliminates Savage CUU in the semifinals of MASL – The Herald of Chihuahua

This afternoon, the San Diego Sokers showed why they won the Major Arena Football League by defeating the Mexican team in Game Two of the semi-finals 6-2, ending their first adventure in League One. Professional fast football in the United States.

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Inside, the champion reigned and will now seek to uphold his title against the team that emerged as the winner of the other series between the Kansas City Comets and the Florida Tropics.

Savage CUU was falling behind on the scoreboard from the first period with a result that already foreshadowed a poor result for Luis Jaime Borrego’s pupils.

In the second half, the score was 2-0 through Bioy Ortega after a defensive failure by Savage with 2:30 remaining on the clock.

In the third period came Savage’s reaction. Brian Aguilar took advantage of a filter pass from the right to defeat Boris Pardew with a powerful shot from his left leg.

Motivated by shortening the distance, Savage found the door a second time through “Poper” Hernández in a left-to-one single play that would have come in 4:25 minutes before the end of the third quarter.

But the San Diego Sokers didn’t sit idly by, and with 2:19 left in that span, Felipe Gonzalez made it 3-2 with a superb goal that rendered Berna Valdovinos’ trip useless.

Then came defeat, Savage lost motivation and drive and the game became one-sided.

With 7:57 minutes remaining at the end of the fourth half, Craig Chiles made it 4-2 after receiving a pass, hit a left-footed shot and hit Valdovinos.

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With 1.32 minutes to play, Gutierrez made it 5-2, taking advantage of the fact that Valdovinos was outside his area, far ahead, leaving his goal at the mercy of the opponent’s attack.

Tavoy Morgan closed the account with 6-2 just 11 seconds later, when Savage had already quit.

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