School is open – El Sol de México

School is open – El Sol de México

In recent days, Dr. Lopez Gatell has stated that schools will remain open, noting that “there are public activities, especially education that will not be subject to closure in the same context that essential economic activities were considered when confinement was severe.”; This means that educational institutions will be able to operate in different scenarios, no longer exclusive to a green traffic light.

The current pandemic traffic light corresponds to a different reality than it did 16 months ago. In contrast to March 2020 when the epidemic was released and the lockdown began, today there is already a large proportion of people who have been vaccinated.

The truth is that no country can tolerate more extreme restrictions, or a complete shutdown of its economies or borders, it is essential to learn how to live with the virus and continue to take care of ourselves. The example of countries such as Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Italy shows that it is possible to reopen school doors and begin our pre-pandemic routines, including getting girls and boys into school.

Educationally speaking, Mexico City was one of the last great capitals in the world to reopen schools. The return to face-to-face academic activities is in line with what UNESCO and UNICEF have indicated: “The reopening of schools in person cannot wait. You cannot wait until the number of cases becomes zero. The data clearly shows that primary and secondary schools are not among the main sources of transmission of the virus.

The risks of transmission of COVID-19 in schools can in most cases be controlled if appropriate mitigation measures are taken. The decision to open or close schools should be based on risk analysis and epidemiological considerations of the communities in which the schools are located.”

Returning to the classroom for the 2021-2022 school year will be face-to-face, as President Lopez Obrador has already instructed. There will be no perfect moments, but there will be great harm and loss in learning if our girls and boys do not return to school, especially those who are in basic education, which, in addition to pedagogical issues, needs physical and face- direct interaction with peers, to play, And talk, live together, and have a full childhood and adolescence. The pandemic will not be a matter for another two months, it is a long-term process in which we must learn to live and coexist. To kick-start resilience and academic recovery there is a basic premise: School is open.

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