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High temperatures will confront athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics 2020 They will have to deal with the harsh conditions of the high temperatures and humidity this summer, encouraged by climate change, according to the “Rings of Fire” study published Wednesday.

The report, prepared by the British Association for Sustainability in Sport (BASIS), the Priestley International Climate Center at the University of Leeds, the University of Portsmouth, and With the participation of professional athletesTry to predict how the heat will affect the performance of the athletes.

Climate change is an Olympian not invited to the games and will try to break his own records‘,” explains Paloma Traxa Castro, the Priestley Center researcher who helped produce the report, which reveals a gradual and higher average increase than the rest of the world in temperatures in Tokyo.

The average annual temperature in the Japanese capital hosting the Games, which was postponed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, It has risen 2.86 degrees Celsius since 1990, three times faster than the global average.

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