Science speaks: They find a way to reverse the graying process

Science speaks: They find a way to reverse the graying process

Gray hair is beginning to be seen as a medical process that can be treated.

  • Regardless of whether gray hair liberates or empowers its owners, science has discovered the cellular mechanism that causes hair hypopigmentation.

  • There are two groups of stem cells that can jointly control hair colour

  • Based on this finding, the treatment of gray hair would have more to do with clinical treatment, similar to other cosmetic treatments, rather than with dyes applied at home or at the hairdresser.

apart from discussion if left White hair liberate or empower women, From a medical point of view, the concept of white hair is changing. If until now it was considered a harmless effect of aging, now it is beginning to be seen as a weakening of the immune system and, therefore, closer to the disease and with the possibility of treatment. With this approach, a team of researchers from New York University found the bug sone p Cells stop producing color pigments.

Hair stem cells

Under a microscope, it’s on the inside of every hair mother cells Possesses the unique ability to move between compartments hair follicle growthbut his movement is less like People are getting old Thus, it loses its ability to ripen and maintain hair color. This is when gray hair appears.

Those responsible for discovery are a team New York University Langone Medical Center. In 2011 they investigated how two groups of Stem cells can control hair color Together: one of them is responsible for the hair follicles where each hair grows. Others are melanocytes, melanocyte stem cells, or CSCs. A protein called Wnt was the protein that coordinates hair color from melanocytes, as well as gray hair.

The new investigations focus on cells from the skin of mice, also found in humans, called melanocyte stem cells;. Hair color depends on whether the McSCs receive the signal to become mature cells that produce the protein pigments responsible for color.


In fact, this mechanism was already known. What is new is that these cells are made of plastic. That is, they are not static, they move, interact, and interact with different protein signals in different hair follicles. published study naturereveals that CSCs switch between a more primitive stem cell state and the next stage of their maturation.

This means that like Hair ages, falls out and grows backan increasing number of The cells responsible for pigmentation remain stationary In the stem cell compartment, in the hair follicle. They remain there, neither maturing nor returning to their original location, where the proteins would have prompted them to regenerate into pigment cells.

Can gray hair be reversed without dye?

The newly discovered mechanisms constitute a potential pathway to reversing or preventing graying of human hair by helping immobile cells move again between parts of the growing hair follicle.

According to the researchers, the plasticity of CSCs is not found in other stem cells that self-renew. the Loss of chameleon function of melanocyte stem cells It can be the cause of graying and loss of hair color. These results indicate that movement and Reversible differentiation of melanocyte stem cells It’s the key to keeping hair healthy and colorful.”

What’s next? For the research team, the next challenge is to discover the processes that restore MCSC activity. It would be the viable option transfer them physically to the germinal compartment, Where they can produce pigment. At this point, treating gray hair will have more to do with Treatment in the clinicSimilar to other cosmetic treatments, not using dyes at home or at the hairdresser. The other issue would be the immediateness of the remedy.

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